What's included in my hour of development time?

What's included in my hour of development time?

One of the major things that makes Performance Foundry different from other Managed WordPress hosts is that development time for small fixes and changes is included in your package.

How much time do I get?

Firstly, question-based support is unlimited. Ask our team whatever questions you might have about your site. The amount of Enhanced Support (development) time varies depending on the plan you’re on. Foundation and Business traffic packages include one hour of assistance per month, while sites on Plus and Resources packages get two hours. If you are on a Scale hosting package, your contract is customized, and your 

How does it work?

Just send us an email to support@performancefoundry.com with a clear subject line, and include any necessary details. The more information you give us, the quicker we can make the change! Also see this article about how to get the best support.

How do I know how much time I’ve used?

We keep track of the time our support staff spend working on your site. We’ll let you know if we’ve gone over the amount of time included in your package.

What kind of thing can I use this time for?

It’s for small fixes and changes — if you notice something is not looking right on your site and you’d like us to fix it, or you’d like a small change made. Some common requests are to:

  • Install/remove plugins
  • Set up redirects
  • Help with social sharing issues
  • Reorder menus
  • Change the font size of headings
  • Solve image display issues

What’s the difference between fixes and changes?

When we talk about fixes, we’re talking about functionality that’s not working on your site. And if something is broken, it needs to be fixed! If there's something wrong we certainly don't stop support — we want your site to be functioning well, just like you do.

Changes can include code edits to your site, adding plugins, changing settings, adding redirects etc. This is the kind of non-essential work that can either be rescheduled to the next month if we've already used up your time for the month, or you can purchase some additional development time if you'd like to get moving on the change straight away.

I didn’t use any support time last month, can I use more this month?

Development time doesn’t roll over from month to month.

How do I get extra development time?

If you want regular additional development time, check out our Managed WordPress retainers. We'll work with you to put a plan together for ongoing development work, and will dedicate a certain number of hours to this each month. It's a great choice for growing sites that don't have an in-house tech team.

If you're just looking for one-off additional work, you can pick up one of our development packages here:

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