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Do you do development work?

We sure do! As well as Managed WordPress Hosting, we also do full site redevelopment and smaller development jobs.

Full site development

A full development package is a great choice, as you get a site that is designed especially for you and your site users -- it's created for you from the ground up, and all the functionality is exactly what you need. There's no extra weight to slow things down. 

We specialise in creating well-performing sites, and have a range of packages depending on the functionality you want your new site to have. Prices start at $6000 for our small business package. That is the best option for blogs and small businesses. If you want a membership site or ecommerce section, you'll probably need to consider our standard business package at $10,000. 

Have a look at our  seven-step process to get an idea of how we work with you to create a site that is tailored to your visitors' needs.


We also have a range of optimisation packages, for fixing malware, improving SEO, looking into site speed, and sorting out redirects. Have a look at the packages in more detail on  our optimisation page.

Small jobs

In addition, we do small jobs at an hourly rate. If you've already asked us for a quote, or would like us to work on your site for a certain amount of time, you can pick up our half-day block here, which will give you four hours of a developer's time.

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