How can you get the best support?

How can you get the best support?

We want to offer the best support possible. To do so, we ask you to follow these three golden rules:

1. One issue per email

If you submit more than one issue per email, it's easy for something to get lost. For every new question or issue, send a new email with a distinct subject line and we'll be able to track it to completion.  

Opening five support requests are better than opening one request with five issues. 

2. Write clear subject lines

Whether you send an email to or you click on "submit a ticket" at, a good headline helps. Write a succinct and clear subject line that briefly describes the issue or question. For example,

  • "Facebook sharing not working on posts" is much easier to understand than "Quick FB question".
  • "How do I update the sitemap?" is better than "Issue".

3. The more details the better

We want to answer your questions as quickly as possible, and with as few emails back and forward as possible. To help us do that, give us as much information as you can about the problem. 

Key details for all questions or issues:

  • Your website, especially if we manage multiple sites for you.
  • Details about what page or page type the issue is happening.
  • A description of the issue that we can use to replicate it.
  • What you want done about it.

    e.g. "The Facebook button on my site isn't working" could be better described as:  

    "The Facebook sharing button that floats on the left side of blog posts on isn't working. When you click it, nothing happens. I can get it to work on Safari on my 15" Mac laptop, but it's not working on my iPad. Can you please get this working this week?"

This example clearly explains what isn't working (Facebook button on left side of blog posts), how it's not working (nothing happens when clicked), and what browser or device it's not working on. This allows us to get to the root of the problem more quickly.

4. Tips for replying

One of the limitations of the system we use is that it can be hard for us to see changes to previous parts of the conversation, and it also doesn't display added formatting such as colours very well. If you want to reply to our previous comments, please paste our comments into a new reply and then type your response, rather than making changes in-line.  

We're here to ensure you can reach your maximum performance without your website getting in the way. By sending clear, individual support requests, we can make that process even smoother. 

A Few Notes:

  • Please note that during weekends, Performance Foundry only addresses urgent or emergency requests, such as your site being down, or malware found. This means if you put your ticket in late on Friday, it may not be seen until Monday morning. 
  • It may take us up to 24 hours to apply a redirect
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