Changing your payment method

Changing your payment method

Performance Foundry accepts payments by credit card and Paypal. Bank transfer is possible for New Zealand clients at any value. If you are outside of New Zealand, we accept bank transfer payments for values over US$1,000.

How do I change my payment method?

If paying a one-off invoice, you can choose between credit card or Paypal at the checkout. 
If you'd like to update your subscription payments, you can update your card details or change from Paypal to credit card or vice versa. 
  1. Log into your Performance Foundry account (My Account) and head to Subscriptions.
  2. Choose to View the subscription you'd like to change.
  3. Choose Change Payment, and you'll be able to toggle between different options.
  4. After choosing hit Change Payment Method, and you'll be taken to Paypal to authorise the payment, or be presented with a window to save your credit card data. 
  5. If you're having trouble adding the payment, check your ad blocker -- it may be stopping the payment box from showing up.
  6. If adding the credit card method, be sure to click "Pay $xxx" to finish. You won't be charged until your next billing renewal date. (If there's any issues with this, we can adjust it for you manually.)
  7. Check that the payment has been updated by heading back to the Subscriptions tab. The payment method you've chosen should be visible there. If it's not right, follow the instructions above again.

If I change payment method, what happens?

When you change payment method you will not be charged until your next payment is due. Existing payment methods will be automatically updated too. 

e.g. If you normally pay by Paypal on the 10th, and change to credit card payments on the 6th, you will only be billed once, by the credit card method, on the 10th. The PayPal method will be cancelled automatically.

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