Performance Foundry affiliate programme

Performance Foundry affiliate programme

We love it when people refer clients to us! If you tell someone about us, and they sign up for one of our services, we'd like to give you something back to say thanks. That's why we set up our affiliate programme.

You'll get a $100 bonus for each new hosting referral that signs up; if it's a development deal, you get 10% of the value of the contract (up to a maximum of $1000 for each new client). We can pay that out via PayPal or as a credit to your Performance Foundry account. You will receive a payment once your affiliate payouts reach $100. 

Please be aware that if the new client uses a discount code when they sign up, this overrides the referral. This means we can't offer commissions if a new client uses a discount code. We don't offer very many discount codes, though! Also, while we love it if you bring a second site you manage on to our services, this doesn't qualify for a commission.

Three ways you can refer people to us:

1. Affiliate programme

Sign up for our affiliate programme here. After your application is approved, you can create links to any Performance Foundry page at that same page.

Going forward, you can also just add the code  ref/xx to any URL, with the xx replaced by your affiliate number. For example, if your affiliate number is 09, your affiliate link for the hosting page would be

Two great pages to link to are the hosting page ( and our malware removal service ( 

You can use these links on your site, in email newsletters, or on social media.

2. By email

You can also refer people to us by sending us an email with their contact details (including an email address and phone number) so we can get in touch with them. We'll put a note in their file that you referred them, and if they sign up, you'll get the bonus. 

3. Casual mention

If you mention us in a casual conversation with someone who later decides to sign up, just ask them to let us know that they heard about us from you. We ask new clients how they found out about us when they give us their details, so it counts as a referral if they mention you at that stage -- whether you told them about us in person or if they saw us mentioned on your site. 

Back to the affiliate programme

If you haven't already, please  sign up for the affiliate programme now. We use this programme to track referrals of all types, so you'll need an account there even if you aren't planning to create links.

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