How much storage space do I get for my site?

How much storage space do I get for my site?

We have storage limits in place for our WordPress hosted clients. Our standard package is based on less than 20GB of storage. Most sites we see use less than 5GB, so this is plenty! 

Those are:

  • Foundation: 10GB
  • Standard: 20GB
  • Plus: 30GB
  • Enterprise: 50GB

We work with you to keep resource usage down

We use a variety of processes and systems to keep storage size down, because a smaller site loads faster -- and as you know, we're all about performance! We also use a content delivery network (CDN) and worldwide cache to speed things along.

If your site is using more than 20GB of space, it might mean that there's a problem that we can help you fix, or that you just have a lot of content! In any case, we’ll never just start charging you. First, we'll work with you to reduce the size of your site -- there might be a rogue plugin that's causing issues, for example. 

What if I need more space? 

If you need extra storage space without extra processing resources (e.g. you have a low or medium traffic but a lot of content) we can increase your storage space for $15 per 10GB. If you have a lot of traffic we may look at moving you on to a higher-level plan. Less than 3% of our hosted clients need these kinds of resources, so if you're unsure about this, don't worry! 

You can add additional monthly storage or additional annual storage to your cart in 10GB multiples with these links:

Where does this budget go to? 

$15 for 10GB might seem expensive, but this budget goes quite some way:

  • We store 14 days of backups, so it's actually up to 150GB of data (the production site and 14 copies).
  • We move static files to our s3 enhanced file system, and back that up too.
  • More files for your site means that standard processes use more CPU and disk read/write quota.
  • There is additional overhead in internal and external bandwidth when transferring files and backups.
  • Staging sites may also use more temporary resources.

All that is wrapped up in one small, close-to-cost, easy to manage add-on for you.

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