How do I combine two articles into one?

How do I combine two articles into one?

In the past, it was considered a good idea to break long articles into two or more parts in order to get more pageviews. These days, though, this practice is outdated -- and search engines tend to prefer longform articles. 
So, you're unlikely to be dividing your new articles into two, but what do you do with popular posts from the past that were published in two parts?
You can either leave them how they are, or you can combine them into one, long article. If you are updating these posts anyway (to update links or improve images), this is probably worth doing.

How do I combine two articles into one?

1. Make changes
First, open both articles in WordPress and copy the text from Part Two into the end of Part One. Add photos from your media library, and make sure to remove any links from one of the articles to the other. Don't delete Part Two, just leave it how it is for now.
2. Redirect
The next step is to redirect Part Two's URL to Part One. We can do that for you. Just send an email to with both URLs, saying something like: 
"Please redirect (Part two, to be removed) to (full article)"
3. Delete
Once the redirect has been set up, delete Part Two, or move the article into drafts in WordPress.
A note about comments
Unfortunately it's difficult to move comments between posts, so your Part Two comments would be lost. It is possible to move comments, but it would take a fair amount of time -- more than is covered by your hosting package! Since the Part Two comments might not be relevant to the new, updated article, we recommend you let them disappear!
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