Google says to fix my Adsense code

Google says to fix my Adsense code

Occasionally Google sends out emails similar to the text below:

"We've noticed that the ads.txt file on one or more of your sites that you monetize through this AdSense account is missing the correct publisher code.

From mid-October, Google will stop buying ads on sites with ads.txt files which don't include the correct publisher IDs. We recommend you update your ads.txt files immediately to prevent impact to your earnings. Make sure the ads.txt file for each site you want to monetize through this account contains the snippet below."

If you want to know what the ads.txt file is, check out this Google Adsense support article.

But what do I do next?

Hosting clients can email the code in the email to Just title your email "snippet to add to ads.txt file" and we'll take care of the rest.

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