Adding Performance Foundry to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Adding Performance Foundry to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

When doing optimisation, or specific reports, we may need to get access to Google Analytics and/or Google Search Console. 

In those cases, please follow the instructions below with these credentials:

Google Analytics

That's it!

Google Search Console

  • New User:
  • Add as: owner
  • How to:
  • Please note that we need access to ALL FOUR versions of your site, or as many as are set up. Please give us access to every variant that you have set up, for example:
    • http://
    • http://www.
    • https://
    • https://www.
  • Note that we may set up one or more of these variants for you if they don't already exist.

Why do we need to Manage Users?

We may need to add additional staff members at Performance Foundry to access your data. We will never add people we have not contracted without your explicit permission. 

We do we need to Edit?

We will set up custom reports and goals as we work with you to determine the best ways to optimise your site. Without Edit access, we are unable to create these or share them with you. 

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