Common questions and issues

Common questions and issues

Our support team is always happy to answer your questions! Some issues, though, can be resolved without our help — which means you can get on with your work. Here are some common issues that can often be sorted out quickly.

My site is down/I can’t access my site

This is a big issue and we want to sort it out as soon as possible! We use a range of tools to track downtime, so if your site is offline, we probably already know and are working on it. 
If you notice your site is down, please check to make sure it’s not a local issue. Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do if it’s an issue with your local internet provider. 
We’ve had reports of sites being blocked in parts of Russia and China. If you’re currently travelling in one of these areas and notice your site is blocked, it is likely that the block is happening locally, perhaps through the internet service provider or the specific connection that you are using. 
We recommend you try connecting to your site from more than one location, because many cafes and libraries have strict restrictions on what sites can be accessed over their internet connection. Government censorship may also be a factor.

My site looks broken

This is another issue we want to resolve right away! It’s worth checking that this isn’t limited to your device, or to logged-in users, though. Start by opening a different browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.) or a private window to see if your site looks okay there. Then you could try using Browsershots or a similar tool to get an idea of what other visitors to your site are seeing. There are  more instructions here

I got an email from Google Search Console

If we have access to your Google Search Console account, we probably received the same email! If you’re concerned, feel free to forward it on to us, but most of these emails require no action, or can be actioned very easily.
If you’d like to look into the issues, follow these instructions:
  • Either click the link in the email you received, or log in to GSC, go to the property, click "messages" in the sidebar and click through to the correct message. 
  • Click "fix index coverage issues" and click on the correct error.
  • Check our GSC Knowledge Base article (coming soon!) for more information about each type of error.

I can’t find my sitemap!

Check these two locations:
If it isn’t in one of those places, let us know and we can submit one for you.

Is Google Analytics set up on my site?

If you’d like to check if Google Analytics is set up on your site, follow these instructions:
  • Go to Google Analytics and log into your account. 
  • Click “admin” then choose the correct account in the account column, and the correct property in the property column. Under property, click “tracking info” then “tracking code.”
  • You'll see  a status bar. If it says "receiving traffic" then Google Analytics is set up correctly. You can also push the "send test traffic" button to double-check.

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