Why do my photos take a while to upload?

Why do my photos take a while to upload?

If you notice that your photos are taking a while to upload to WordPress, this could be for a variety of reasons -- for instance, if you're on a slow internet connection, that will certainly affect upload speeds!

However, one of the main causes of slow upload speeds is due to Kraken, a powerful image compression tool that we install on all of the sites on our hosting service.

When you upload a photo, Kraken automatically optimises it as part of the upload process -- and this will necessarily take a bit of extra time. Image optimisation is an important part of reducing page load times, so it's worth waiting for!

If you think the processing time is getting out of hand or notice anything else out of the ordinary, please send us an email to support@performancefoundry.com and we'll look into it foryou.

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