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How to Update ads.txt file for Mediavine Users

The Mediavine ad network uses an ads.txt file to enhance security and authenticate publishers' sites. Occasionally it sends out emails to clients notifying them that their ads.txt file needs updating, and the tone can make it a bit scary if you aren't familiar with this issue.

As Mediavine points out, not updating your ads.txt file is very bad, as they will eventually halt your advertising revenue. It's important to stay on top of this, but luckily updating your ads.txt file is quick and easy to do.

How to update ads.txt:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  • If your ads.txt file needs updating, a notice will usually appear on the main page of your WP dashboard. 

  • The link in the notice will take you to the Mediavine Settings page (which can also be accessed through the Plugins menu).
  • About two-thirds down the page there is a button to click that says "Update ads.txt". Click the button.

  • After you click that, an alert should appear above it that says "updated."
  • Scroll down and click the Save Changes button.
  • You're all done!

Remember, although the tone of the email can sound alarming, it's really easy to resolve this -- just a normal part of ongoing maintenance of your site.

Do I have to clear the cache?

In the past, some users found that it was necessary to clear the cache for the changes to come into effect. However, from June 2018, there is no cache for Mediavine ads.txt files, so cache clearing is no longer required.

If you'd like to confirm that the ads.txt file has been updated correctly, we're happy to check for you. Just email with the subject line "Confirm update of ads.txt file."

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