How should I insert videos on my site?

How should I insert videos on my site?

Videos are a great tool for websites -- they're a way for visitors to interact with the site in a different way; they can increase time on site; and if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!

If you want to insert a video into a page or blog post, we recommend using YouTube rather than uploading the video directly to your site.

Why host videos on YouTube?

This is because video hosting is a bit different from web hosting, and it's best to use a specialist service to host your videos.

By hosting the video on YouTube, you’ll take advantage of all their compression and streaming technologies which can serve different video sizes to each screen type and device. After you upload the video, YouTube will generate multiple copies at different qualities to serve depending on the device, internet speed, etc. You can’t do that with uploading to WordPress.
You’ll also allow the resources available to your site to serve your webpages quickly, rather than tying them up serving video. You’ll also be able to leverage the search engine on YouTube to find some more traffic!
So the best recommendation we can give for serving free, public-facing video content is to upload to YouTube, and embed the content into your post or page. YouTube will provide the code for embedding, and handle all the optimisation itself.
If you don't have an account already, head over to  YouTube to set one up. If you need help with embedding the YouTube code in your post or page, or if it isn't displaying correctly, send an email to and our support team can look into it for you.
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