How do I add a new user to WordPress?

How do I add a new user to WordPress?

When we're working on your site, we need access to your WordPress dashboard. You can either give us your personal logins, or you can create a new administrator account for us.

How to create a new user

1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard. 

2. Click users/add new.

3. Fill in the details for your new user. Use the email address and the username admin_foundry.

4. Click "show password" and copy the password. 

5. Tick the box "Send User Notification".

6. Assign the role “administrator.”

7. Click the "add new user" box.

8. Send us the details. This should be done by you clicking the "send user notification box", but sometimes that notification doesn't work! If you are filling in the new client form, please add these details into the form. Otherwise, use Paste the password and username into the box at, then complete the information. Don't create a passphrase, just click the "create a secret link" button and send us the link (to This link can only be used once, then the data is deleted -- so it keeps your information secure.

You're all done!

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