Do I need to regenerate thumbnails?

Do I need to regenerate thumbnails?

We are occasionally asked to regenerate thumbnails on client sites, but this should only be done if the size of the thumbnail has been changed in the site code. For example, you may need this to be done after a theme change.

If thumbnails are missing in some area of your site (for example, in a related posts section, or on your homepage), regenerating the thumbnails won't necessarily solve the problem. All that regenerating thumbnails does is resize the thumbnails to the correct size and dimensions -- it can't add images where there are none!

In most cases of missing thumbnails, the thumbnails are missing because no featured image has been designated for the post. If that's the case, we can run a process which automatically fills the "featured image" area with the first photo in the post. Or, you can go through each post individually and add in a featured image manually. 

So, do I need to regenerate thumbnails?

Unless you have had some coding done recently to change the size of your thumbnails, the answer is probably no! 
We do not recommend plugins like "Regenerate thumbnails" as there are faster, less-resource intensive ways to do this process on the server. Please contact support if you'd like this done.
We can also run  Thumbor, instead of regenerating thumbnails, which helps keep your storage and bandwidth costs down, as well as making your site faster.
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