Issues with AMP

If you're having issues with AMP, these resources may help! (Want to know what AMP is? Check out this doc.)

Validate AMP for Google Search

If you’re created AMP content and the page isn’t appearing in Google Search, there are a couple of things you can do: 
  1. Wait. It often takes time for Google to index content, and this is the case with AMP content too.
  2. Have a look at this Google Developers help article for step-by-step instructions
Some useful tools:

AMP Errors

These are some of the most common emails regarding AMP errors:
  • Content mismatch
  • Missing embedded video
  • Error in required structured data element
  • Crawl issue
  • Disallowed attribute 
  • URL marked'noindex’
  • URL not found(404)
  • Referenced AMP URL is not an AMP


To debug validation and cache errors, see the following resources: