What is WebP?

WebP is a new format for lossy and lossless images that compresses a lot better than jpeg and png. It's already accepted by latest versions of Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox, although others are adopting it. You can see the updated browser list that accept WebP here: https://caniuse.com/#search=webp

Even though cross-browser support is weak, webP is significantly faster than jpg! It's worth it for Google's search bot and the huge number of users that use Google Chrome. 

How do I get webP?

Due to the lack of cross-browser support, we do not recommend uploading webP images or directly linking to it in your posts. Instead, just upload and link to jpg images like normal, and use our on-the-fly compression system Thumbor. 

Thumbor will automatically ensure that browsers that support WebP automatically get it. This can have a dramatic increase in the performance of your website. Besides WebP, Thumbor also uses some tactics to reduce the file size even further.

Learn how to get Thumbor with Performance Foundry