How does caching work? ​What caching plugin am I using?

Using caching is an important part of improving site speed, so all sites on Performance Foundry Managed WordPress Hosting have caching set up.

We do this right at the server level, so no additional plugins are required. You might have noticed that we deactivated or removed a caching plugin when you joined our service — that’s because additional caching plugins are not necessary, and can even break your site!

What is caching?

Basically, when the first person in a geographical region visits your site, they have to wait for all the elements of the site to load. However, a lot of this data is then stored on a local server, and the next person(and all subsequent visitors) to visit see the site load a lot faster. This is because many of the elements are stored closer to their location.
This explains why your site might load slowly the first time you visit it one day but will load more quickly the second time. 

What about WP Rocket? A lot of people seem to use it!

WP Rocket is an example of a caching plugin. It’s not necessary since we do the caching at a server level. In fact, WP Rocket is banned on our servers, because it duplicates technology that's already in use on the server. Installing it(or another caching plugin) could break your site — so please don’t install these plugins!