How do I manage cookies on Performance Foundry?

Performance Foundry runs two main websites, and On each, and any other subdomains, we use cookies to perform basic functions and also to help us build a better service through various tracking and marketing tools. 

Shared Consent

To ensure on fewer pop-over in your life, settings are jointly managed for Performance Foundry's main site and all subdomains, including our support domain.

EU visitors

EU visitors should be greeted with a pop-up on their first visit, which allows you to choose which cookies you'd like to use:

Managing Cookies, changing and revoking consent

For all visitors from any country, you can update your cookie consents on our privacy page:

This is a living document, where you can control your access, like in the screenshot below:

We can't remove cookies for you

Cookies live in your browser, and as such, Performance Foundry staff can't manage them for you. If you want to remove all cookies dropped by Performance Foundry sites, please clear your browser/s of cookies.