What should I do about shortlinks?

Shortlinks can be very useful for sharing posts on social media, and there are a lot of services out there to choose from. However, Google is phasing out its link shortener program, and some clients have reported that using other services causes fewer clickthroughs.

Luckily, WordPress has its own inbuilt link shortening system. In the past, you may have seen a "get shortlink" button in your dashboard, but this button was removed in WP 4.4; newer versions of WordPress don't have the button. However, the functionality is still there -- it's just hidden.

If you want the button back, and to have easy access to shortlinks again, you can use a simple little plugin with the straightforward name of Bring Back The Get Shortlink Button plugin by Thorsten Frommen. 

You can either install this yourself, or send through a support request to support@performancefoundry.com to ask us to install that for you.