Why isn’t Google Search Console indexing all my pages?

Short answer: Not all of your pages should be indexed.

There are many common reasons why a page is not indexed, and should not be indexed, for example if the URL doesn’t exist, is a duplicate, or is a categories or tags page.  Check out  Google’s support article on this topic for more examples.

Yes, but this page really should be indexed!

It may be that Google has indexed your page under a different version of your site name. For example, it may be indexing a page under  http://example.com rather than http://www.example.com.

Each site should have four different properties in Google Search Console:

  • http://
  • http://www.
  • https://
  • https://www.

Check that you have all of these set up if you think pages are not being indexed.

Also, if the page is new, it may take some time for Google to find and index the site. Wait a week or so to see if it appears in your Google Search Console account. You can also ask Google to index/reindex up to 10 URLs per day -- instructions here.

I got an email from Google Search Console about index errors

You may have received an email from Google Search Console saying “submitted URL marked noindex” or “indexed, but blocked by robots.txt”. It’s highly likely that these are false positives, or that the URLs are indeed marked noindex/blocked by robots.txt because they should be. For example, category and tag pages shouldn’t be indexed.

If you’re concerned, send an email to support@performancefoundry.com and we’ll check that the no-indexed pages are pages that shouldn’t be indexed.