Can I have a custom URL for my CDN?

Every Performance Foundry site has access to a fast, secure content delivery network, or CDN.

Images, videos, and static resources like javascript and css files are copied to the CDN, to be served quickly from dozens of different geographical locations around the world.

By default, an image link using the CDN URL structure looks like this:


You can request a custom CDN URL, so the URL looks like this instead (replace with your own site address):


This has some minor advantages for branding and search optimisation; and means that if you change your CDN provider in the future, you can keep the same address. It adds a little complexity to your site's upkeep, so we charge a small additional fee for set-up and maintenance.

What subdomain can I choose?

Recommended subdomains are:

  • cdn
  • static
  • media

Banned subdomains are:

  • www

(You always want your www and non-www addresses to resolve to the same place!)

How do I get started? 

You can request a custom CDN URL by clicking one of the links below:

It normally takes 2-3 working days to get your new subdomain in place, but can take longer if you have a complex SSL arrangement in place or we do not have access to your site's DNS management.