My site doesn't look right!

If your site isn't looking quite right, we'd love to get it back to normal for you. The first step is to check that the problem is visible to other visitors to the site, since some display issues are caused by problems with an internet connection or the computer you're using. 

If you'd like to check if the display issue is widespread or limited to you (or perhaps limited to people in your area), you can use a free tool like Browsershots. This allows you to see how a site appears on different browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Unfortunately this tool doesn't have an option for Internet Explorer.

How to use Browsershots

  • Open
  • By default when you enter the site all the browsers and operating systems are selected. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Select > None. The test will take a long time to run if you include all of the options available! 
  • Check the latest versions of commonly-used browsers. The ones listed below are the latest in mid-2018, but they will change as new versions are released. Choose the newest versions available for each of the browsers below.
    • Linux (Chrome 67.0 and Firefox 57.0). 
    • Windows (Chrome 51.0 and Firefox 35.0).
    • Mac (Chrome 48.0 and Firefox 48.0 and Safari 9.1).
  • In the search box, enter the URL of the site you'd like to check, and click "submit" to get results.
  • You may have to wait several minutes for the results to appear.
Please note that there are limits of the use of the tool to prevent abuse, so if you'd like to test again you'll have to wait 24 hours before doing a retest.

Browsershots isn't working!

If Browsershots isn't working, send us an email: We have access to a paid tool to see how sites appear on different browsers, and can check this out for you.

My site looks fine on other browsers

If you find that your site looks fine on other browsers, then the issue is likely to be a local one -- perhaps caused by your computer or internet connection. 

My site is displaying strangely on other browsers

If the display issue you noticed also appears on other browsers, then the issue is likely to be with your site. Send us an email ( and we'll look into it for you. 

Another useful tool

Another useful tool for seeing if a problem is widespread or local is Down For Everyone Or Just Me. If your site is not loading correctly, check this site to see if the site is up for other visitors.