What is Foundry Anvil?

Anvil is a plugin available to all Performance Foundry hosting clients. It appears in your site's WordPress Dashboard and performs operations behind the scenes to make your site faster and more secure.

Currently, Anvil has up to five sets of options, and each is customisable: 

  • General 
  • Security
  • Performance 
  • Images (Publisher Plus or Thumbor add-on clients only)
  • Recommended Plugins

We've done our best to ensure that each option has plain-text descriptions, but if you're unsure of what settings are best, do ask! 

What are the benefits of Anvil? 

We learn a lot through the questions that we're asked, the technical research that we do, and the problems we solve. Anvil gives us a way to consolidate those solutions and pass them on to all our clients! 

Anvil is tested specifically against our specific hosting environment and designed for use there. By leveraging various technologies available specifically to our stack, you can take advantage of accelerated WordPress performance and higher levels of website security. 

While there's some functional overlap with other performance and security plugins, the testing and tuning

What is the Performance Tab?

This feature provides speed improvement for sites, and Google Page Speed scores. Our aim with this new addition to the Anvil is to remove dependence on multiple external plugins and create a standardized approach that will function for the majority of our clients, as it uses elements unique to our server network. 
It allows Performance Foundry and our clients to have more control of performance elements, such as the minification and deferral of CSS and JavaScript by using some of our server resources, caching those minified files directly in the server in a faster and more secure way. It also provides lazy loading for all images that follow WordPress standard image functions.

How do I get Anvil?

Anvil is available for free for all Performance Foundry's hosted clients

If you are currently a hosting client, and can't see the Foundry Anvil menu in your WordPress Dashboard sidebar, or you would like some help customising any of Anvil's features, please email us at support@performancefoundry.com 

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