Some photos are not displaying

There are lots of reasons why your photos might not be displaying correctly. If they are taking a long time to load, they may not be adequately compressed, or you might just be on a slow internet connection! 

However, if you notice that some photos are not displaying correctly while others are, this could be a result of using non-standard characters in the image filename.

Non-standard file names

Some systems don't process special characters very well -- for example,  ex├ímple becomes ex%C3%A1mple -- and things break!

The best way to solve this is for you to upload the same photos again, but with file names that don't include special characters. 

Going forward, we recommend you avoid using non-standard characters in file names -- this is because there just too many different encoding systems used around the world and non-standard characters are more likely to cause issues! 

Images load in some browsers, but not others

There is likely a conflict between the type of image file you are linking to and the browser's ability to process it. This is most common with webP, although there are some other image types that can be problematic.

Ensure that your blog post or setting is pointing to the .jpg, .jpeg or .png file; not to a .webp file. The Thumbor system, if enabled, will automatically upgrade the file type to webP if the browser allows it.

See common troubleshooting steps with Thumbor.