Changing your subscription type

If you've already got a Managed WordPress Hosting or Retainer subscription with Performance Foundry and would like to change your subscription type or switch to a different package or plan, you can do that on your Performance Foundry My Account page. 

You can change from a monthly to annual payment (or vice versa) or upgrade your service level, from Foundation to Standard or Plus. If you want to downgrade, please talk to us first.

How do I change my subscription type?

  1. Log into your Performance Foundry account (My Account) and head to Subscriptions.
  2. Choose to View the subscription you'd like to change.
  3. Under Subscription Totals, you'll see a grey box marked Switch Subscription. Click it.
  4. You'll be taken to the Managed WordPress Hosting product page, and you'll see two dropdown boxes in the middle of the page. Click the top one to change payment frequency (annual or monthly) and the bottom one to change hosting level. 

5. Click the purple "sign up now" button and you'll be taken to a checkout screen. You can complete the payment as you would any other purchase.

6. Depending on the change you are making, one of the following will happen: 

  • You will be charged immediately and future payments will be calculated from that date. The system will work out a pro-rata charge or refund to balance out any difference between your previous subscription and the new one.


  • At the end of the current billing period, you will be charged the full amount for the new subscription. For example, if you are on a monthly subscription and you update to an annual subscription, you will be charged for the full value of the annual subscription on your next billing date. That is, if your last (monthly) payment processed on the first of the month, and you update on the tenth, you will be charged the full value of the annual subscription on the first day of the following month.

7. Check that the change has been updated by heading back to the Subscriptions tab. You should see the new subscription details there.

8. If you have any questions, email