Do you do plugin updates for me?

Plugin updates are a part of our standard Managed WordPress Hosting service, so yes, we do plugin updates! 

Most plugins are set up to update automatically, so no action is required from you when an update is released. However, we do pause automatic updates on some plugins (such as WooCommerce) because a faulty update can cause problems with the site. For this reason, we like to wait a couple of days to see if the update is stable before carefully rolling out the update and monitoring performance.

Suspended automatic updates

Automatic updates might also be suspended if the plugin is a premium version that needs to call an external resource to verify your license. We have scripts to work around this, but not all plugins allow this workaround -- and those plugins need to be updated manually through the dashboard.

Get in touch!

If you notice an update notification in your dashboard for more than a day or so, please get in touch through the support helpdesk ( We'll let you know if it's a plugin we're holding off on updating, or if it's one that needs to be updated manually. In that case, you can go ahead and hit the update button for that plugin whenever you notice it.