When an affiliate pixel breaks my site's layout

When adding an affiliate embeddable code to a post, we have to be very careful not to include unformatted HTML that might break our layout. Often, the code includes an invisible image that could take up too much space. This is really common, as you’ll see in this example:

This causes white space to appear after the link, and sometimes even a linebreak.

How to fix layout issues with affiliate links

Luckily, there is a quick and easy fix! 
Keep the links where they should appear, but move the image code to the end of the post, past the point where your content ends. This ensures the pageload tracking still works for your affiliate partner, while ensuring it doesn’t damage your layout.
To do this, ensure that you are in text editor mode, and move everything within (and including) the <img>...</img> tags to the end of the post.