How do I clear the cache?

We cache various elements of your site, such as pages, images, CSS, and JavaScript. Pages are cached for about half an hour; images, CSS and JavaScript are handled by PressCDN and are cached for two weeks.

If you update a post or page, the caches for that post and your homepage are both automatically cleared. Similarly, if you add a new post or page, the caches for the homepage and your /feed are automatically cleared.

Note: Page caching is not active for logged in users. That means, if you're logged in, you're not seeing a cached page. The CDN is still active, so you may be seeing cached static resources. 

Be aware that your browser may be set up to change the way the browser is storing your files. If you want to clear your browser cache, do a google search for "how to clear <browser name> cache" and follow the instructions. 

How do I manually clear all caches?

If you would like to manually clear all your caches, please send a support request to us and we can clear them for you.

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