Do you do theme updates for me?

Theme updates are a part of our standard Managed WordPress Hosting service, so yes, we do theme updates! You are also welcome to do them yourself if you want to. 

We check regularly for theme updates, in line with major WP releases (so about 2-3 times a year). 

If you notice a theme update in your dashboard, or get emailed an update by the theme author, you can either:

1. Run the update yourself.

2. Email to let us know and we will do it for you.

If you notice a security update in the theme update release notes, the theme update must be run as soon as possible! Please either run the update yourself or contact us to do it for you.


We may need your help to get the files we require to run the update. We have access to publicly available themes, as well as some privately available ones. 

Plus, some companies (like WooCommerce) allow more than one user to access the files -- so you can add Performance Foundry as a user to your account to grant us access; invite

However, some companies restrict access. For example, Envato requires two-factor authentication and limits access to just one user: you. In this case, the best way forward is to download and send us the files. This is also a good option if the theme author has sent you the files directly.

Send us the files

We recommend you zip the files and then upload them to a service like Dropbox. Then send us the link so we have access to them. This is a much more secure way of transferring files than sending attachments through email.