Which email address should I use to contact you?

There are lots of ways to get in touch with the team at Performance Foundry! Here are a few different situations and the best email address to use in each.

1. There's a problem with my site!

If you're a hosting client, please report any issues with your site to our helpdesk email address, support@performancefoundry.com. If your site is down or inoperable, add the word "urgent" to the subject line to get our attention.

If you're a retainer client, communicate with us using the retainer@performancefoundry.com address, which is monitored by one of our senior developers. If you have an urgent issue (ie. your site is down, you've discovered malware, or you've been hacked) then please reach out to our support@performancefoundry.com, which will alert the whole team. 

If you're not a current client, email hello@performancefoundry.com and we'll let you know how we can help.

2. I have a question about WordPress/plugins/the internet...

Head to support.performancefoundry.com and see if you can find the answer there. Or email support@performancefoundry.com with your question. 

If you want to know, other people probably do too, and your question may be the inspiration of a support article or blog post!

3. I want new development on my site

If you're looking for new development on your site, use hello@performancefoundry.com. We'll be able to put some prices together or direct you to the correct package to purchase on our site. 

Hosting clients can email support@performancefoundry.com for small fixes and changes, as these are included in the service. We'll let you know if the work you want to be done falls outside of the scope of your package.

4. I'm in the middle of a project and am communicating about it with the Performance Foundry team

In this case, you're probably going to want the staff@performancefoundry.com email address. This mailbox can be accessed by multiple members of the team, and is a great place to talk about projects and topics that don't really fall into the support category.

5. I found this really funny article and I know Craig/Linda/my favourite Performance Foundry team member will love it!

If you have a direct email address for the person you want to contact, feel free to email them. :) 

Or, post a link in the Performance Foundry Success Network private Facebook group so we can all enjoy it!

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