How do retainers work?

Performance Foundry retainer clients have access to a certain number of developer hours per month. This can be used in a variety of ways, from straightforward support to development of new and exciting functionality.
While the support helpdesk ( is still the best place to go for urgent and emergency issues, retainer clients can also put through new requests for functionality using a request form. This form (which is within Wrike, our project management tool) allows retainer clients to quickly and systematically communicate the work they would like completed. The form should only be used for new feature requests or updates to existing features.
Another benefit of this form is that retainer clients can see the current list of work, and know when a task has been completed.

How does it work?

Each retainer client will receive an invitation (via email) to join Wrike as a collaborator -- we'll send instructions about how to accept the invitation and gain access.

Within the interface, a retainer project will be visible, and retainer clients can add extra tasks by clicking the green plus symbol, selecting "requests" from the dropdown menu, and filling in the form that then appears with as much detail as possible.

Requests workflow

The following steps briefly describe the workflow for any new requests we receive. 
  1. All new requests will be assigned to aå Performance Foundry staff member. Within two days of receiving the request, they will get in touch with any additional questions they may have for completing the request.
  2. Throughout the month, Performance Foundry will then use the priority level and date of the request to determine what requests should be completed, and in which order. The number of requests to be completed will also be determined by the number of hours of the retainer.
  3. Performance Foundry will confirm the requests to be completed.
  4. Performance Foundry will complete the confirmed requests over the course of the month. All other requests will be backlogged (meaning their dates will be removed). The requests will then be re-evaluated the following month. 

Communication about requests

Communication can happen right in Wrike if needed. When a request is selected from the left panel (highlighted in blue), the right panel will display information pertaining to that request. 
At the bottom of the request panel is a comment section, where comments can be made.
New files can also be attached to the request via the“Attach Files” button in the right panel. 

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