How do retainers work?

WordPress Retainers mean consulting, development, and success.

Partner with Performance Foundry to help your site with on-page SEO, technical marketing, tracking goals and KPIs, developing new features, improving security, fixing bugs, making your site faster… our specialist WordPress consultants and developments can help you.

Whether you’re a marketing team, or in need of a marketing and development team, a WordPress development retainer from Performance Foundry can help you re-focus on your core business, and help your website achieve the growth it needs.

Retainer Lifecycle

Performance Foundry retainers do not lock you into a long-term contract, but we require two month’s notice before ending a retainer. That’s because work is scheduled by the quarter. This powerful tool allows us to take your annual goals, break them into quarters, and then into months. By understanding your business, we can move forward with focus!

WordPress Retainer workflow lifecycle - Performance Foundry

Your work is planned and assigned on a quarterly basis, starting with a meeting with your site strategist. This meeting allows us to understand the levers of your business and create a strategic 90-day action plan to move forward. That is likely to include a mix of improvements, feature development, traffic growth and conversion rate optimisation.

The Strategist then speaks with our Director of Engineering and your Project Manager to ensure we’re doing the most valuable work to move your goals forward. A plan is agreed with you, and the work scheduled for the rest of the quarter.

During the quarter, our team of specialists and developers will be working hard! You’ll receive work updates from the Project Manager. Some time is set aside for support, and ad-hoc requests too. If new items come up that aren’t part of the plan, we can work with you to get those onto the agenda for next quarter or add extra hours into your retainer for the one-off project.

At the end of the quarter, your site strategist will review the work and its outcomes. They’ll speak with our Engineering team to understand any upcoming development needs, then meet with you to review the successes, understand any misses, and create another powerful action plan for the following quarter.

WordPress Retainer Specialisations:

  • Technical marketing, including on-page SEO, site architecture, and analytics consulting.
  • Conversion rate optimisation for memberships and stores.
  • WordPress performance optimisation, scaling and bug fixing – including WooCommerce and Multi-Site.
  • WordPress custom development and feature creation.
  • WordPress hosting consulting for enterprise-level security and scale.