How to file a support ticket

Need some help? We're here for you!

1. Search First

Take a look at -- try a search for what you are after. We're always happy to hear from you, but we also want to keep our service as economical as possible: experts don't come cheap, so if this can help it's great.
(Pro tip: we use 'failed' search results to choose what to add to our knowledge base, so knowing what you were looking for is helpful.)

2. Submit a ticket by email or message 

You can use the 'contact us', 'message us', or 'submit a ticket' buttons on the helpdesk to start a new conversation, or email Either way, your message will get in front of Performance Foundry staff.
Be sure to follow this advice on  the best way to get support.

What if I'm not a customer yet?

New to Performance Foundry? Use the same contact methods above and we will be in touch soon. You can find out more about what we offer at

Is this a good question for the helpdesk?

If it's related to your site, and you can't find an answer, then yes! We can't guarantee we can help with everything, but we will do what we can.