Can I cancel my old host?

After a site is fully migrated to Performance Foundry, we are usually asked this question: Should I cancel my old host?

The answer is YES, if the old host was only used to host the site you migrated. However, some hosts offer other services like domain registration and email. 
So you should double-check first if:
  1. No domain name is registered through them.
  2. No email is hosted by them.
  3. No secondary sites are being hosted on the same hosting account.
If the answer is NO to all three of the situations above, then you can go ahead and cancel the account. If applicable, ask for a refund for any outstanding time.

I really want to cancel...

If you really want to cancel your account with the old provider, but they provide one of the services mentioned above, you can move to an alternative provider for that service.
We recommend  G Suite for email and for domain management. If we host your site, we can also manage your domain name for you for a small annual charge, and will handle the migration of your domain name from the old service to our provider. Sign up for that  here
Be particularly careful not to cancel your account with your domain registrar (where you purchased your domain name) because you could lose the rights to your domain!  Read more about how to switch domain registrars here.
Pro tip: Before cancelling your account with your old host, you could download one big final backup of everything you had there for archiving purposes. 

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