Why are revisions turned off?

What are revisions in WordPress?

WordPress has a 'revisions' feature that stores automatic backups of your posts as you write them. With every update, a copy of the post is saved into the database.
The only problem is that this feature can make your database explode! By default, there is no limit to the number of revisions that are created. It's not uncommon for a post to have dozens of revisions. Instead of having 100 blog posts, you might have 1,000! 

Why are revisions turned off?

At Performance Foundry, we turn off revisions completely by default. We do keep the auto-save functionality on. This means you get one latest copy of your post saved; useful in case of a power outage or internet failure, without the weight of a dozen rejected drafts sitting in the database.
As result we have a faster response on the Write screens, as well as smaller databases; and that makes for faster sites.

Can I get revisions turned back on?

If you'd like revisions reinstated, you can email support@performancefoundry.com and we can do that for you. We normally would add 3 revisions per post. With larger sites, you might see slower speeds throughout your Write screens as a result.

If you'd like a large number or unlimited revisions available, we'd look to move you to your own database set-up as part of our enterprise server solutions.

Will my old revisions be restored retroactively?

No, WordPress will only start saving new revisions from the time revisions are switched back on.