What browsers do you support (and test on?)

We support the most-recent version of the big four browsers plus the previous version, according to Browse Happy (http://browsehappy.com). We don't explicitly support Opera. 

For example, if Chrome is at version 38, we support version 38  and 37 (the previous version).

We develop primarily for Chrome, and then for Safari, Firefox, and Edge/Internet Explorer (latest Windows only). 

In addition, we test on the following mobile devices and browsers, which are generally representative of mobile rendering:

  • iPad latest generation, most-recent Safari
  • iPhone latest generation, most-recent Safari
  • Samsung Galaxy S-range, most recent Chrome
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab-range, most recent Chrome

Please be aware that cutting-edge responsive design techniques mean that your website will look different at different screen sizes. 

What happens if I *need* support for another browser?

Please make that clear, as additional time will need to be set aside for testing and development of custom solutions. This will need to be included in the specifications at the start, or additional costs may need to be added.