Is there a website or tool that shows what other websites are linking to your website?

Question: Do you know if there is a website/tool that shows what other websites are linking to your website? The traffic sources as such? Or is it just Google Analytics?

There are two different issues at play here: the inbound traffic is actually going to be different from the inbound links. One shows where people have actually clicked into your site and visited pages; but there may be thousands of places where your content is linked to that don't get any traffic or throughput.

Finding inbound traffic

The easiest place to find inbound traffic is in Google Analytics.

  1. Open Analytics and go to Acquisition > Overview
  2. Before drilling in, I recommend setting a wide date period and comparing with the previous year, or previous period. (It's good to know when new features where added to your site, so you can compare before/after.)
  3. After setting the date, you should see the largest channels and their change rate:
  4. Click on any to investigate. In this case, I'll click on Referrals to get a list of every site that has sent traffic, and how that compares with previous period:

This gives us a great overview of recent traffic as well as traffic that is starting to fade. We may be able to find a way to regenerate fading traffic, perhaps by writing a new guest post or through social promotion.

Finding inbound links

It's more difficult to find inbound links to your site. This data doesn't actually interact with your site in any way, so we can't accurately capture it locally. We need to rely on third party sources of information.

Our preferred source is Moz's Link Explorer which has limited information available for free. This data trails reality by 2-4 weeks.

There is also a inbound link tool in Google Search Console Search Traffic Links to your site which shows top-linking domains, most-linked pages, and top link text.

You can use this data to plan new link strategies and to help with inbound keyword density.