Lost Google Analytics data: Read this before you “Configure your Google Analytics settings”

Analytics plugins have been known to forget your Google Analytics ID code. If you have lost Google Analytics data, this article may apply to you, even if you don't use the particular plugin we discuss, or see this particular error message.

If you have noticed zero visits in Analytics, or logged into your WordPress dashboard and seen a notification saying “Please configure your Google Analytics settings!”, like in the screenshot below, that probably means that Google Analytics is currently not tracking your site

Alternatively, you may have seen a fall in traffic, or no traffic, on Google Analytics on or around February 19, 2017. These issues are likely caused by the same thing.

Monsters Insights plugin data loss

The authors of the popular Monster Insights plugin have apparently accidentally deleted the Google Analytics account identifier for many users. In order for them to restart tracking Google Analytics using their plugin, you will have to give them this data. 

If you don’t recognise the name Monster Insights, it’s probably because you didn’t install it under that name. Monster Insights bought this plugin from Yoast last year, so you might have installed the Yoast plugin to do the job. 

Want a change?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Monster Insights, we’ve created a lightweight plugin that will connect your site with Google Analytics. Just send a support request to support@performancefoundry.com asking us to install the Foundry Analytics plugin. 

If I do nothing, will my stats be tracked?

No. If you do nothing, your stats will not be tracked. To make sure your stats are being tracked, you can either set up the licence key, as requested by Monster Insights, or you can ask us to install our alternative plugin.