Editing your hosts file on Windows to preview your site

From time to time, we might ask you to set up virtual hosts on your machine, so you can see a development site before the world can. 

We 'trick' your browser into seeing the new site, while the rest of the world is still looking at the old one! It takes just a few minutes to do. 

You'll need this app:


1. Ensure you run this program as an Administrator (Right Click > Run as Administrator) in order to correctly edit your hosts file. 

2. We recommend you create a backup using the built-in backup tool.

3. Click the green "plus" and add a new entry:
  • The hostname will be your domain name (you can add it with or without www -- I recommend adding both to make things easy!
  • The IP address you've been given will be formatted with four sets of numbers, like

4. Click "Add" and you're ready to roll. 

5. Visit your domain -- the new development site should appear!

6. To reverse the effect, use the app to delete the new line(s) from your hosts file.

If you need to restore from backup, please follow these instructions:  http://forum.abelhadigital.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=222