Why move to https?

We strongly recommend you upgrade your site to https.

Http stands for "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol" and is the protocol that sends data between your browser and the website you're reading. Https is "Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure", and is the secure version of this protocol -- instead of being sent as-is, the data is encrypted before making its journey. This is particularly important when sensitive data is being shared, such as on online shopping and bank websites.

Until recently, sites running financial transactions were the main users of https; but that has now changed. Now, every respectable website should have at least the basic level of SSL certificate, which is the tool used to encrypt the data.

So, why move to https?


Our service:

We have an https upgrade service that is available for our hosting clients. If you're considering moving to https (which we highly recommend), you can purchase that here.

Read more about why we recommend this in our blog post here.