How to add an Adsense Ad to my blog

There are many different ways to add advertising code to your website. Often, your ad network will supply a plugin to install, which deals with this for you. 

If you have to add code manually, email our support team ( with the code and let us know where you would like the ad (or ads) to appear. Please send the code as an attached .txt document if possible. It's hard to copy and paste a screenshot into your code base!

If the code is simple and you'd like to do it yourself, you can use the instructions below.

How to add ad code to a widget

Once you have the code of the AdSense ad copied and have chosen a perfect spot to insert it on your page (usually the sidebar), you can use the Text Widget to paste in the code. WordPress will automatically display the ad.

Go to Appearance/Widgets and drag the default Text Widget to the desired Widget Area. Then paste the code in the Content box ↓

Don't worry if it takes a few hours for the ad to appear, as sometimes AdSense needs some time to approve the site. 

If after a couple of days, the ad still isn't appearing, submit a ticket with the AdSense Support Team. 

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