My website is down, what do I do?

If your website is down, we all need to panic. And then react appropriately to find a solution. :)

First, we recommend you confirm that the site is down for everyone, and not just inaccessible to your current internet connection. 

The best way to do that would be using a third party server, something like or

If you can confirm that in fact, your website is down for everybody (not just you), contact us immediately. We will almost certainly be aware of the issue and are probably in the middle of fixing whatever problem caused the downtime.

On the other hand, if you find that your site is down only for you, you should talk to your ISP, as they might be blocking your site from all of their clients. 

Why am I so confident that we are already aware of the issue?

We run multiple monitoring services that will notify us the moment a site on our servers goes down. Although it is unlikely that all of our services will fail at the same time, it's always worth sending us an email to if you notice your site is down.