I can't find my invoice

We know how it is -- an invoice comes in, you plan to pay it later in the day or the week, and when it's time to break out the credit card the invoice has disappeared. 

You can find invoices sent by us by searching for the email address the invoice was sent from, or our business name.


We use  Xero for all our accounting (and highly recommend them) and invoices are sent through their system. Try searching for the address they use to send invoices: messaging-service@post.xero.com.

Koru Group Limited

You were probably also searching for an invoice from Performance Foundry, which is logical! However, Performance Foundry is part of a larger company called Koru Group Ltd, which is the name invoices are issued in. Try a search for Koru Group Limited and you may find what you're looking for. 

And, if all else fails, just email hello@performancefoundry.com and we'll send it again.